So, there I was this evening, walking casually up to the corner convenience shop after a long day. Its a quiet street my street is. (Welsh English for ‘my street is a quiet street’. The neighbours are lovely. the dogs and cats mind their own business. The sun was out and shining bright… So unusually bright; and… , just as I walked up to the shop door, a group of four or five boys and a girl, all white, average age 6, drive up to me on their skateboards beaming smiles as they circled around me on roller skates. I didnt panic, for I was sure there was nothing about me that made me stick out of the crowd except perhaps the color of my skin. Suddenly  I recall that I must have heard them shouting out something to me earlier from across the street. what was it. can’t place it now. ‘hey mister, are you deaf or something?’ no thats not it. they must have said something else. only I cant put my finger on it now. but surely… ”Hey! I said are your Nathan Dyer.?”  one of them was asking. ”Do you know Nathan Dyer?”…

Footballer Nathan

…and that should be the end of my story. Well, it has to be the end, because you don’t want to know, do you, that I told those poor kids that I wasnt any Nathan anything, nor that i didnt even know who they were talking about. You dont want to know, do you,  how I got them to tell me that I looked like a footballer they know and what they said they’d do for me if I said I was who they thought I was. I will tell you one thing though: it was all happenned in a very, very funny, light hearted moment filled with innocent awe (for the little ones) and a somewhat selfishly guilty ego (for me, the grown up).

Your task: Have a look at the pictures below and give me an honest (kid’s) opinion.

Take your time.

Nathan Dyer


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