Blogging gets a new desciple

The blogging idea must have come from the waves at Swansea Bay

Hallo!!!…  my first readers. You bet you can find me on facebook. who isnt. and on twitter as well. you probably are on it as well, because like me, you too are social networkers. Yes. I am a social networker. I have been for a while now. But never a blogger. I remember the first time I tinkered with this blogging thing was when I assisted my lovely wife to set up one blog as an assignment task for her course in university a few months ago. I knew there and then that this thing, this blogging thing would one day be mine as well. But then, I never got the same university task as my wife did. Not that she is an excellent blogger by now, but I actually envy her for having got the headstart in the field. . SHE WAS FIRST!  I love her. but this is, this is my beginnings too. Observe. Watch this space, as they say; or better still start your own blog and lets follow each other. you, me and me you. ha, ha.

how do you do it. how did I do it. well, I dont quite recall how we went about putting together that assignment task for the university, but this here is my own style. its easy. just type into google, like I did: best blogging sites and you will be given a list that includes google’s own BLOGGER, formerly BLOGSPOT and before you know it you too will be blogging. However, if you are already a blogger, like my wife, exercise a little restraint in condemning me, espeacially these my infant steps into this wonderful arena. I am sure there is a lot more up my sleeves that will roll down onto my blog posts to which you will comment and pour your venom as you wish in time to come. For now, PLIZ restrain yourselves. restrain yourselves, I say.

For I only meant to say Hallo!!


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