Turning to the fashionable outfits known as  COALITION GOVERNMENTS…

…As a bus driver and his crew are liable for the lives of their passengers when the bus crushes due to driver error or even passenger behavior, so are our governments responsible for all the generations of children deprived of a good education, food, clean water and shelter due to misgovernance , corruption, or poor senseless violence.
In that sence,the diasporans are the wounded survivors scampering out of the windows of the wreckage whilst the coalition partners (formerly the opposition), limbs hanging by the skin or totally headless, and in extreme shock,  still believe the bus is still on its wheels.

frantically they battle with the mangled steering wheel, thinking  they can still give the crew a hand (especially the conductor, because he owes them change.)
The international community, however, is the insurance company, which still has to check if the bus firm was fully covered and not in default before it can make a statement.

The regional block or neighbouring countries are the competing bus firms picking up extra passengers along the way, charging double for a seat


question is: where is every body going!


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