Zimbabwe bus accident leaves 19 people dead

19 people have died in a road accident along the Harare-Bulawayo highway today.

The accident occurred this morning when a Chawasarira bus going to Chivi burst its right front tyre and side swiped a haulage truck going the opposite direction killing 18 people on the spot.

A Lofombo bus overturned at the same spot whilst trying to avoid the Chawasarira bus which was in front, killing one person.

Police Assistant Commissioner Kenny Mutombeni, who was at the scene, confirmed the accident, adding that 20 people have been taken to Harare Hospital.

chawasarira accident victims.png

When ZBC News arrived at the scene of the accident, police details were still identifying the accident victims while survivors were still in a state of shock as they tried to notify their relatives about the horrific incident.

A survivor, Musiyiwa Sayi said the Chawasarira bus driver had been speeding and passengers had been appealing to him to reduce speed until the accident occurred.

source: http://bulawayo24.com/index-id-news-sc-africa-byo-6848-article-Zimbabwe+bus+accident+leaves+19+people+dead.html


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