Gaddafi in Zimbabwe’s Gunhill surburb?

FUGITIVE tyrant Colonel Gaddafi fled to Zimbabwe in a jet provided by its hated president Robert Mugabe, it was claimed last night.

Mugabe’s political rivals said their spies witnessed Gaddafi’s arrival on a Zimbabwe Air Force jet at the Suri-Suri airbase shortly after 1am on Wednesday.

He was then whisked away to a mansion in the capital Harare’s Gunninghill suburb.

And nearby roads were sealed off by Zimbabwean troops and plain-clothes police officers, it was claimed.

A spokesman for the opposition MDC Veterans party added: “There’s now no doubt that Gaddafi is here as a ‘unique guest’ of Mugabe.”

Eyewitness reports say riot police have taken over Africa Unity Square in a strong show of force. It is unclear whether this is related to widespread rumours sweeping the capital about Gaddafi’s presence.

The VAA claims Gaddafi staged a nocturnal entry into Zimbabwe aboard a Zimbabwe Air force jet that landed at Suri-Suri Airbase in Chegutu at 01:07am on Wednesday morning.

“He was quickly whisked to a sprawling mansion in Harare’s Gunhill suburb under the cover of darkness with members of MDC VAA in a secret pursuit. We kept a hawk’s eye on the house since Wednesday until this morning (Friday),” says their statement.

Observers here believe this is highly unlikely, as the military base is a no-go area and casual observers cannot possibly see what goes on there.

Furthermore, the VAA’s statement that they saw “heavily armed female blonde body guards of Libyan origin patrolling around the house where the former despot is holed up” stretched the imagination a little too far.

The group, which claims to have video footage, has not yet released it. Our requests to VAA for further evidence have thus far gone unanswered. More later.



2 thoughts on “Gaddafi in Zimbabwe’s Gunhill surburb?

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