November 4, 2011 by newsdzezimbabwe

Obesity and ill health were the main reasons advanced by Aurora Empowerment Systems director Khulubuse Zuma for refusing to give testimony at yesterday’s insolvency inquiry in Pretoria before the Master of the North Gauteng High Court, union Solidarity said yesterday.

Zuma, the nephew of President Jacob Zuma, refused to give evidence because he said he had one kidney and suffered from a heart condition due to being overweight. He had been summoned to appear before the Master at the inquiry into the insolvency of Pamodzi Gold, called in terms of section 417 and 418 of the Companies Act.

This was the second time the inquiry has been postponed. Zuma last month declined to give evidence unless he could do so in Zulu, despite being fluent in English. The case has been postponed to December 9.

Johan Engelbrecht, one of the Pamodzi Gold joint liquidators, yesterday offered to arrange for a doctor to be present at the proceedings to monitor Zuma’s medical condition, but the offer was turned down.

“I am furious. After going through all the expenses of organising a translator, why do they not tell us in advance that they will not testify because of obesity? This is a delay tactic,” fumed Engelbrecht.

Engelbrecht said the Aurora directors needed to state in the inquiry what happened to the mines’ assets and money meant for workers, who were not paid.


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