We Are Not Anti-Intellectuals, We Are Anti-Ineffective, Reactionary, Academics

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We have no problem with intellectuals, we have no problem with people who use their minds in the name of the struggle. We have no problem with people who stand up to the system with their creative abilities. We have no problem with people who read many books and then apply their knowledge in the fight to liberate humanity.

Our problem is with reactionary academics who spin the words and play the language games to delay the inevitable. Our problem is with people who are considered respected intellectuals, when in reality they are nothing more than academic prostitutes. They delay, they stagnate, they always ask for more time, for more research, for more studies, for more funding. They are paid by the capitalist class to shut down the dialogue, to deflate the energy of the people.

They are paid by the ruling elites to say nothing, or to say something simple in an 800 page book. They are paid to distract, to deflect, to delay, how hard is it to say ‘revolution!’ How hard is to say, ‘rebel!’ How hard is it to say, ‘the exploitation is unacceptable and the people must rise.’

We have no qualms with intellectuals who read books in order to learn how to revolutionize the minds of the people. We have many such minds in our organization. We have many intellectuals in our organization, but they are revolutionary intellectuals, not ivory tower, stagnant, traitors. We have no problem with individuals who study revolutionary theory in order to apply it to the people, to the streets, to the reality of the masses.

The problem is with academic cowards, reactionaries, who are paid handsomely to numb their students. The problem is with people who are identified as brilliant by the system, when they are nothing but dull traitors, using theories and knowledge to numb and oppress the masses.

There is nothing wrong with reading dozens of books, there is nothing wrong with writing dozens of books, but there is something wrong when an intellectual is on his 84th book that no one will read except a few people in his incestuous academic circle. There is something wrong when ideas are made so blatantly obscure that it takes a decoding machine to understand them.

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Long live the cause!

Michaela Henin

in  The Activists

Creating revolutionary information flows

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