Rapist in DR Congo is running for Parliament.

Watch the video here

This is what most people in western capitals do not seem to understand. That each and every one of the villagers in this unfortunate part of Africa deserves better. that each and every one of them would be elligible for refugee status in any western capital if they somehow managed to find their way there. but they don’t. Most choose to stick it out in the land of their birth, even as their daughters, wives and sisters are being raped and the perpetrators seem to be immune to justice. In some parts of this continent criminals run for elections and public office. What does the world think these men will do to silence their victims for good once they are in office.
Other dictators on the continent will look at this and say they are saints in comparison to these criminals.
How can people expect a corrupt MP in Zimbabwe for example to step down when a rapist in DR Congo is running for office. And how can a young couple with some high school or university education, trying to raise a girl child be expected to stick it out in this environment under the banner of patriotism or nationalism or sovreinty or whatever bull****.

How I wish all xenophobic and racist people around the world would understand all this and more. What most foreigners are looking for in foreign lands is a better place to raise their children, not the best place. sometimes home is just not best.


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