Shocking and Disturbing Attack on Egyptian Demonstrators bySecurity Forces

This video needs no explanation save to capture some of the comments made by its first viewers on You Tube.

“…For all who love egypt …we respect u all…this video shows one of the heros of egypt….it  explain what happened later in egypt  from the military towards egyptian people that only need freedom “

“As a Western in North America we arent seeing it on CNN how strange but not surprised”

“Evil will always come back to you!!! Remember this! Because the GOD will never forget what have you done to your own nation,your brothers and sisters…so be prepared for the punishment!!! For me it’s realy hard to understand why people are doing something like that to other people…i just don’t get it…Dear Egyptians! Keep fighting for freedom and for better life!!! Don’t stop! Don’t give up the fight! Many people around the world are watching you and wish you everything the best! VICTORY!!!”

“the military is in power supported by the US and thats why there protesting because they want the military cabinet to step down and they dont want to”

“Seriously what has America got to do with this?”

“they were told to support the Muslim Brotherhood which is a civilian organization, but America demonizes the Muslim Brotherhood as evil and promoted this backward, savage military rule on the ppl of Egypt, and they fall for it, and give power to the military, now look how these animals treat the people, their generals are on American payroll, and they are kept in they  there so they can keep Muslim brotherhood from power which is a peaceful, civilian youth.”

“Sorry you anti american assholes but I have to respond here.America did nothing.Our government maybe,the poeple no>Your average american does not want or have much control over what our government does.Our government is getting too big and getting away from control by the people.So don’t blame your average american.If you still choose to….kiss my american ass…..”

“I cant wait until this world ends in armageddon and makes place for a new life, we people from today, we dont deserve this life, if you see this… mankind is lost, we brought this upon ourselves, i am truly ashamed to be part of this world… FUCK”


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