On the phenomenon of coalitions. The Zimbabwe Case.

This short note is derived from a comment Iv made on a blog elsewhere. http://hararesunset.wordpress.com/2012/07/04/isolated-and-exhausted-does-prez-mugabe-matter-anymore/ It was made in response to the sentiment that the coalition arrangement in Zimbabwe is the best thing that has happened to the people there since the disputed/inconclusive election result.

I am a bit sceptical that the forming up of this (Zimbabwean) coalition government qualifies as the best thing that has happened to Zimbabwe given the opportunity cost it has presented: A chance for the people to advance their long-held political and social aspiration afforded them by an outcome of a legitimate vote.
For me, what would pass as the best lesson for Zim out of all the post 2008 mess is that leaders should never again be allowed to bargain away the mandate of the electorate. While Africa is desperate to groom a new breed of politician with integrity, it is an extravagance for us to mix our good eggs with the bad in the same basket. More like letting the convent nun have a sleepover in a rapist’s prison cell. One gets the impression that this phenomenon of coalitions , from Zimbabwe to Britain and possibly Greece and Egypt is a deliberate ploy of private capital to take control of Peoples’ political and social destiny. The old ‘divide and rule’ tactic has become too obvious, transparent and ridiculous. A new ‘unite-them-like-salad and eat them up in one gulp like a burger’ approach seems to be at play.
But yes, this is the situation we have got and we have to live with it. Make the most of it even. We are better off accepting it as it is than glorify it as the best thing we could have ever deliberately brought upon our society through our own wisdom or the best counsel of those who wish us well (i.e: the Mbekis and Zumas of this world)

Trapped in our own freedom, we live on.


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