Uganda’s threatened withdraw from peacekeeping missions threatens regional peace

In this article, a courageous young African blogger and journalist Rosebell Kagumire looks at the apparent hypocrycy and folly of Ugandas President Museveni’s threatened withdrawal of his troops from Somalia. She asks if Ugandans, whose parliament was not given chance to discuss the deployment in the first place, but instead were told ” a threat to Somalians is a threat to Ugandans” should be expected to feel any more secure by the threatened withdrawal considering that the threat to Somalians is still as big as ever. I have rated the article five stars and recommend that bloggers and journos further south of the continent start getting into tune with real conflict reporting especially the kind that involves real commanders in chief who actually carry guns and wear camouflage.

Rosebell Kagumire

When UN report on Congo was first leaked in July 2012, Uganda’s support for M23 was largely ignored. So it appeared like Kampala had gotten away with as the world attention was drawn to Rwanda’s involvement and support for M23. Neither did we hear of the role of Kabila in this conflict.

Following the leak, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in August came to Uganda and met president Museveni.

In the wake of the M23 military advances, the AU summit tasked the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) to look at the renewed Congo conflict. President Museveni offered to broker the talks between government and M23 rebels, the offer which President Kabila’s government was against. Nonetheless Uganda hosted three summits.

Three months down the road, it was revealed that Uganda has not been a spectator as M23, a group of former fighters from CNDP- an ethnic Tutsi…

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