Mugabe should take leaf from the Pope

Soon after the Vatican announcement of the Pope’s impending retirement I knew that before long fingers will be pointing and whispers will be heard about certain people “taking a leaf out of the Pope’s book” as it where. Here is the first article Iv read expressing this thought precisely and although I would object to the author’s choice of graphics in the article the message is strong and needs to be shared with as wide an audience as possible.


Next week, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe will be turning 89 and I so happen to share a birthday with him. While he cuts his cake in Harare, I will be cutting mine somewhere in exile. There seem to be no shame from Mugabe that at his age, he still wants to continue ruling the country, taking it to further ruin. Pope Benedict XVI, a catholic like Mugabe announced his retirement on Monday this week, paving the way to handover the baton to someone younger. But it does not need a rocket scientist to predict that Mugabe, as he celebrates his old age next Thursday, he will be insisting on standing in the presidential race. He might use the occasion to announce

what he thinks are his fresh and new ideas on how Zimbabwe will move forward. We all know that Mugabe is just gearing himself to die in office because…

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