Watch “Wealth Inequality in America” on YouTube


3 thoughts on “Watch “Wealth Inequality in America” on YouTube

  1. Well imagine that 51% of the US voted to take away the wealth of the top 5% and redistribute evenly across the US…..that would be democracy for you…and work with the system in the US…….So their is an Achilles Heel in the system, and if people are not careful it will maybe collapse for them. Helping in a big way in Africa, will be a big help…..we need to veer on course

  2. Maybe the other way to think it through, is how do you stop a suicide bomber? In Israel as an example I understand 50% of suicide bombers themselves had had their houses bombed. So reality, and enlightenment is the critical path to global stability harmony, and mutual prosperity in the world today……after all, poor people don’t mind a bit of a curve, or even a big curve….once its off the charts it might implode on them

    A good alternative investment will be to set up funds for African investment. That is a win win.

    Here are some win win deals to operate in Africa, that will work in no particular order:

    1. A carbon trading platform at a commodity exchange (in the US) as a market to sell for Africa
    2. Pharmaceutical production investment even if its just to put in strips and box initially, then reinvest the profits to ramp up production and distribute low cost pharma – to people who are close to dying, or can’t afford it…. like smelling salts for the rich in the US.
    3. A model and support for a micro finance Gaemen Bank type organisation and financial support
    4. Wind turbine partners / Solar partners
    5. Hydro-metalurgical technology ie the Cambridge Process, as well as todays announcement on iron hydro to store electricity for small scale batch processing of minerals, especially for small scale production. With that we could basically transform Africa. Whats more humans were making metal in the bronze Age…..when Homer was playing quarterback for Athens….so its not rocket science.
    6. Insurance partner for medical care systems

    Then we need to sell the carbon credits, that pay for medical insurance, that uses the pharma…and so on. (email if you need more info)

    The solution in Africa is enterprise. Enterprise is a win for all of us. We can’t do it without investment. I understand the problems of the past with Africa…we solve that with education and mentorship.

    The Orient is very different from the West, and African is different from both. We need to understand that, and consider our quantum dynamics.

    With support its, easy to sort out.

    If this sounds a bit blunt, its basically because I live in Africa, and see people that don’t have money, go to rubbish dumps at night to find food.

    I’ll post more later.

    Cheers for now!
    Iain Davie

    • I am touched by your impassioned response and selfless proposals for solution. I’m no economist myself but I’m sure the suggestions you give will make sense to some. I can only share them. Feel free to share some more. That’s what the blog is all about.

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