Beatrice Mtetwa and the Rule of Law

By Lorie Conway

The trailer is for the just completed film Beatrice Mtetwa and the Rule of Law which is seeking distribution around the world.

Source: Nehanda Radio

The film opens with Beatrice saying, “People who do things under the cover of darkness are afraid of light. So, if you come at midnight I’ll be there with my headlights glaring…”

Although Beatrice Mtetwa’s arena is Zimbabwe, her message and bravery are universal. As an African woman, she has stood up to one of the continent’s most brutal dictators, Robert Mugabe.

In spite of beatings by police, Beatrice has courageously defended in court those jailed by the Mugabe government—peace activists, journalists, opposition candidates, farmers that had their land confiscated, ordinary citizens that had the courage to speak up.

As Zimbabwe faces a presidential election in the summer of 2013, we hope that the film will spark dialogue and change in the country and throughout Africa, while also bringing the story of this inspiring woman to the attention of the rest of the world.

Read the story about Beatrice’s most recent arrest this week when she was arrested Sunday morning because she asked the police to produce a search warrant when they raided the home of a senior official in Prime Minister Tsvangirai’s office.


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