Bathroom Battle: States Grapple With Transgender Rights

I don’t claim to be homophobic or whatever else people are called or call themselves, because Im only me and my one opinion about one thing shouldn’t carve out a label to stick on my forehead, because Im free. I’m freedom. But I don’t think a woman walking in on me in the gents is acting within her freedoms either. If anyone finds it ok for a another being of my sex to kiss touch or bed me in a sexual manner, or even marry me, then in my FREE opinion I think that person AND the one who would kiss, touch, bed or marry me are not welcome in the same public toilet that I share with those of my sex who are straight.
But wait a minute. What do others think. Find out in the article I have Reblogged here.


What do you call it when a person enters a bathroom but the sign outside doesn’t match the sex listed on his or her birth certificate? Disorderly conduct, according to a bill offered earlier this month by Arizona state Rep. John Kavanagh. But the measure sparked outrage in the LGBT community, which saw discrimination against transgender citizens. Kavanagh responded with a revamped, more limited version, which protects businesses that bar such practices from civil or criminal liability. After a contentious seven-hour hearing on Wednesday dominated by opposition to the proposal, a House panel voted along party lines to approve it.

As the Supreme Court considers same-sex marriage, and with gay couples enjoying more rights and protections than ever, pitched debates in state capitals are a reminder that transgender rights remain unclear and controversial. Of the roughly 9 million people in the U.S. who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, according to…

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