The Third Way by @TrevorNcube

Well,.. Here is a measure of one individuals effort to restore that so much needed hope and optimism in Zimbabwe’s political future. My opinion? The third way is only that. A third way. There can and must be a fourth way. And a fifth, a sixth, a seventh, eighth ninth and tenth way. Lets keep looking! @TrevorNcube’s way kinds of puts too much responsibility and obligation for Zimbabwe’s restoration on a very, VERY OLD MAN. But it’s worth of consideration by all!

Sir Nigel's Journey...

NEVER since Independence has Zimbabwe needed President Robert Mugabe as much as it does now. The country, the ruling party and the opposition are all in a shambles and only he can get us out of this mess. Zimbabwe faces an acute leadership crisis that only Mugabe has the capacity to resolve if he so decides.

And this is exactly how Mugabe wants it. He has run Zanu PF and the country in a manner that renders him indispensable. While he has indicated from time to time that he wants to retire to do other things, such as writing his memoirs, he has not put in motion a succession plan. He has invited the nation and his colleagues in the party to engage in a debate on who will succeed him but has dealt ruthlessly with those showing any ambition to take over.

At times he has indicated that the…

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