On Devolution in Zimbabwe

The danger of introducing devolution as an alternative system of governance in Zimbabwe, especially at this point when the energy of our unity is directed against the singular evil of corruption, claptocracy and a leadership given to murder as a tool to retain power at all costs is to create an even harder to kill multi-headed serpent from the same DNA as the one plaguing our nation right now.

I’m all for devolution as a new concept of governance in Zimbabwe, at some point at least, but not just yet. Attempting this now and even waving that carrot in front of our citizens at this most crucial point of the country’s history, to me, smacks of mischievousness if not opportunism, akin to a charming suitor who proposes to marry a grieving bride whose groom is dying from a freak accident with the knife while cutting the wedding cake.
I feel our country is not ready for this kind of carrot dangling.
Devolution is indeed a great ideal but our people probably need first and most importantly to learn IN UNITY and as a nation (not fragmented regionally) the ethic of intolerance against misgovernance or tyranny or whatever it is that has brought our nation to its knees.


To be quite blunt, you cannot, at this all important point, lessen the potency of a serpent’s venom by portioning it out in various measures. What you want is to kill the serpent then decide, in the not too distant future, if you are going to have a culture of rearing mini serpents for pets in your regions or districts.


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