If I had audience with Uncle Bob I’d like to know…

I have great respect for the next person’s freedom of opinion! like the writer of this blog, in this her opinion piece. But I’ve had to have a little conversation with her, in the comments, which I share with you all here:


I am troubled Gugu
That if I was to be represented by you
Into his audience,
tribal relations of our people
is the one thing you would waste your breath on.
I’m sure my neighbour too,
who is Ndebele,
would be even more troubled
Zimbabwe’s neighbours themselves, Gugu
whose citizens (bless them)
Worry themselves sleepless every day
And night
with concern for our nation-
they too would be troubled, Gugu
if you
on our collective behalf,
where to spend that rare precious time
in His audience
in this way.
Especially at this time,
when He
claims the majority of Ndebeles
voted for him.
but I’m not troubled though, Gugu
Because you r not in his audience
Certainly not on my behalf
And you are never likely to gain access to him
with an agenda like that
Because the crowds at his door
the multitudes you see gather
Have bigger bones to chew with him
Than how he plays his tribal politics.
but good luck to you
you just might be sipping tea and coffee with your idol
Ahead of any of us here
For the man inside there
has always been strange
in all his ways.

Pickled plum

If I had audience with Uncle Bob I would want to know; Who do you consider Zimbabwean?

For me the issue is not about vote rigging or anything else but moving forward together as a nation. If an 89 year old man can pull off a landslide win with no blood shed, on his terms, surely he has demonstrated leadership skills. Part of democracy is accepting defeat, and according to the constitution for those torn up by his victory, this will be his last term. I myself am no politician and am extremely vulnerable to propaganda so as I write this please note my apolitical stance and bear in mind that I’m a development practitioner above all. But since development on any front and politics have familiar ties, I have one very pressing question for my Uncle Bob; please define for us a Zimbabwean.

The reason I ask this question…

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