Darling of the West, terror to his opponents: Meet Rwanda’s new scourge – Paul Kagame – Africa – World – The Independent

Rwandan President Paul Kagame

Rwandan President Paul Kagame

Enemies of Kagame – the despot so beloved by Western democratic leaders and charity dupes – seem to have a strange habit of dying in disturbing circumstances.
Over the years a succession of prominent critics and campaigners, judges and journalists, have been killed. They have been beaten, beheaded, shot and stabbed, both at home in Rwanda and abroad in nervous exile. Some were good people, others far from saints – and their deaths came after crossing Kagame.

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My immediate response to this sad development, if there is even a fraction of truth in the story is that ‘Elimination’ of political opponents must always be condemed. It is ancient politics. Modern day human rights laws and justice systems will sooner or later catch up with perpetrators. It is one of the scourges of third world politics. Many will beg to differ though and say ‘westerners’ are also masters of this game.
It need not require only the voice from the ‘west’ for the world to scream out its outrage against politically motivated murders anywhere in the world. Lets hear the watchdogs from the ‘east’ shout against it too, and adjust their political and economic ties with perpetrators accordingly. Above all let the ordinary people of the affected countries be organised and be heard speaking out the loudest against all such instances no matter what else good the murderers are known to be doing that which is benefiting their countries and making them “darlings” in the eyes of foreign onlookers.


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