How Barclays is Misbehaving in Africa

The biggest UK bank in Africa is encouraging its clients to use tax havens.

When companies don’t pay their fair share of tax, this can deny some of the world’s poorest people access to vital funds for schools and hospitals.

Join ActionAid and tell Barclays to clean up its act on tax havens.After recent scandals, Barclays Bank boss Antony Jenkins has got himself in a bit of a lather trying to polish the bank’s image.

Barclays wants to be seen as a responsible business as it expands its operations in Africa. But responsible businesses don’t promote tax havens.

Whether you bank with Barclays or not, we can all be a part of the Big Clean and help convince Barclays to smarten up on tax havens. Email Antony Jenkins and let him know you want him to clean up Barclays.

Developing countries lose three times more to tax havens than they receive in aid each year – vital funds that could be spent on essentials like healthcare and education.

Please take some time, as I’ve done, to email Barclays’ boss and tell him to clean up the bank’s act on tax havens. After all the recent banking scandals, Barclays want to be seen to be doing the right thing – now it’s time for real action.

Find out more and email Barclays boss Antony Jenkins at



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