Is this what Zimbabweans have become?

Lately There has been a lot videos and audios circulating on social media of Zimbabweans bragging about how they are living it up home and/or abroad. These have ranged from people showing off their latest Mercedes cars to some munching on their dinners cooked on ever present uninterrupted electricity etc. This writer captures my personal disgust with such lowly behaviour in a way I could never have expressed in my own words. Thus I repost the article here. Please share it further. Bellow are some touching quotes:

“Zimbos are generally a notch higher than many Africans with respect to intellectual capacity and its application. I am perplexed by their lowly expressions of joy, living it up and happiness.”
“Is this what we have come to be as a nation? Are we a nation of people who brag about having a bigger braai with more meat than our neighbours? Is it because we are not used to money that we are in a kind of euphoria at being exposed to a little?”
“A regime change will not be sufficient as the cancer in our Zimbabwean society within and without our boarders is far deeper than politics can solve.”

Edzai C. Zvobwo


Who is living it up Zimbos at Home or in the Diasporas?

Let us stand together and fight to take down the dictators that have stifled our progress as a nation. The greedy man and women that have stalled our progress as human beings.

Johannesburg | 18-06-2014 | MGLI

“We are in the water! We are in the Atlantic and we have a white captain therefore we are living it up”. These are the words blurted out by a burly, Rick Ross look-alike Zimbabwean national based in the USA. “We are on our way from Southerton to pick up a Range Rover, we have just purchased for US$113 000.00” alleged an equally flamboyant Harare based individual. “Here in the UK, we are eating sushi and not zimukonde resadza with two small pieces of meat cooked with untreated water like people in Zimbabwe do, we are having a good time in the…

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2 thoughts on “Is this what Zimbabweans have become?

  1. I’ve read the linked article. i don’t agree with it. It’s way too early to say what this is and it keeps changing. Let these people express themselves. I think the biggest problem in Zimbabwe is we have a very suppressive society. From family all the way into politics. people need to talk and say what people don’t want to hear then we might also learn to just carry on and not crush everyone who disagrees with us. This is where that undermining authority argument comes from. It’s a way of stopping things that make us uncomfortable. We need to learn to be comfortable with that which is uncomfortable and challenges out emotions.

    I have to point out how happy I am to see people showing they are fulfilled in jobs that are considered regular or even lowly in Zimbabwe. i hope to see more selfie videos in the future especially from Zimbabwe.

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