What is the Point of The Commonwealth Today? My take as a #Zimbabwean

I write in response to the article What is the point of The Commonwealth today?

I was watching the Commonwealth Games this past week and somewhat knew this kind of debate would be going on among my countrymen as they perch on bar stools watching their historic legendary Olympic swimmer Kirsty Coventry NOT come on their screens; or, if not watching the games, getting on with whatever they do to keep their heads above the water, so to speak.


The Commonwealth is “an association for decolonised nations”. I like that. Its present shape and form is what its members have allowed it to be. Its future shape and form is a world of endless possibilities and opportunities, depending on the will and commitment of its members. But there is no doubt that its existence is relevent and desirable. hell we have in our schools, even, former students associations and their achievements vary from school to school and so does the influence or lack of it, of past and present school heads and student leaders. The comnwlth is and will be what its members make of it and noone need be repremanded for leaving it, joining it, or even rejoining it if they so wish. And once one has left, it would be cowardly to besmirch the name of a club of folks who just wanna have a cuppa tea and a yearly kick around without kicking each other’s a**** about. There is enough institutions in the world to police rogue nationhood. If one day the cmnnwlth resolves to do that, we will all be grateful for the extra hand at finding eternal world peace.
On the minus side, I should like to think this club needs a better sounding and honest to its intentions NAME. Presently it is not really spreading any wealth around, is it?
But honestly, I like it. And I like that it has a waiting list of prospective members.
What about Zimbabwe? Well we are a people who always believe and do as they are told. If we were told we are too good for the comnwlth, then so be it. If we were told the cmnwlth is too good for us, again so be it. We will make the most of whatever else fraternity we can find in the world. And there is plenty.

Photo credit: http://www.bcsbristol.org.uk


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