Is protest through satire enough? #zvirikumbofambasei Part 2

Zimbabweans have a lot of resilience in the face of economic hardships. Yeah yeah alright. But, as this blogger quotes in the article reblogged here, “The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” – Frederick Douglass 1818–1895.
Zimbabweans aught to start asking the sort of questions asked in this article more often.
See my comment at the end of the article. (Said comment was still in moderation at the time of reblogging though 🙂

MaDube's Reflections

The greatest enemy for any people is apathy for it breeds a sense of comfort that prevents further interrogation of issues that affect communities. But I guess it would be inaccurate to label Zimbabwean society as apathetic as some citizens do engage issues in many different ways, satire being one of them. My last article spoke to this as I looked through the meaning of the #zvirikumbofambasei skits.

Over the past few months Zimbabweans have watched in horror as shocking events have unfolded, the majority of them involving the “mother of the nation.” First the First Lady got a miracle PHD. Her fast-tracked academic qualification from the University of Zimbabwe, where her husband is the Chancellor, was procured in a record 2 months whereas scholars of repute globally have spent an average of 3-7 years to achieve the same feat. Second; she bumped her way up the political ladder jumping from…

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