“Educated Africans do not make good politicians”


Nb. Google images results show Jacob Zuma’s picture as the first image that comes up when you type in “Educated African Leaders”

I was going thru my Facebook feed today and came across this post on Educated Africans in politics. See snapshot below.
I quickly found myself typing away a comment on my mobile phone and discovered that I had A LOT to say on the matter. Below is the contribution I came up with in a few seconds but believe you me I could have gone on and on and on and on.
Would you say I gave a fair comment, and would you care to engage with me on the subject here or on twitter @Webster_IM

“African politics is a type of politics that is not suited for educated people. It is a politics based on the Great Leader mentality, the one big thinker for the group. The “visionary” father who leads a mass of ignorant children whose only contribution is to vote when asked to. The children have to wear apparel with the great leader’s face imprinted on it and sing songs of how he eloquently often puts the white man in his place with words.
The great leader shall build universities but their graduates shall not be invited to parliament or to town house meetings. They shall be “youths” until they are 70 years old and survived a series of scandals that have nothing to do with their degrees. Thats when they can stand for parliament.
How does an educated citizen raise a fist in the air sloganeering “down with so and so”?
How does a university graduate play the African drum on the runway to welcome the great leader when he returns from the great indabas abroad?
Which chapter or page, in all his reading, tells him that he has to donate a goat to the great leader’s pen each time He comes round to his village constituency to give that campaign speech?
Can he dare remind the great leader that those men in uniform work for the people and not the great leader and his party?
Listen, madhodha: the brand of politics that is common across most of Africa is just not suited for the Learned citizen.
If he does make it to the high bench he will have to do only what he is told, even if it means staying in office for life, spewing out anti imperialist rhetoric drafted in the military barracks.”


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