The avalanche on Linda is only just starting. Poor child of God!

At worst they will now have a field day on her.

At best they will go all out to prove her wrong.

Poor Linda.

I have already came across a most horrible article going wildly out of its author’s way to prove that Linda Masarira is a ZanuPF mole and has always been

..And that we had all been warned before..


But still, it feels like thats just the beginning.

She needs counsel.

She needs protection.

From herself if not from whats awaiting her on the struggle road.

I beg those who have faught besides her not to dessert her

But to help her shape her trials into lessons for all of us.

Everyone has a right to make a slip of the tongue

Everyone has a right to express their regrets and apologies, however clumsy.

May she not be buried under the avalanche from the unkind.


9 thoughts on “The avalanche on Linda is only just starting. Poor child of God!

    • Frankly Im more worried about what the Ndebeles may do and say in retaliation to Linda than your fears that she is a mole. You have warned us. We heard you. Now sit.

    • Noone is responding to you or your “evidence” because its probably worth zilch. I say probably to give you benefit of the doubt. But thanks for responding to my call for Zimbabweans to be human towards Linda, mole or no mole.

  1. I have had lots of response and likes. Many people agreed with me. Also, if you are a real writer you would know that the real truth is difficult to swallow. Also, I have been reading some of your posts and they lack research and facts. Its easy to say what you think, not so easy to write the truth based on evidence. Lastly, on Twitter & Facebook pages, where I am active, I produce the most accurate information about zimbabwe of any writer that writes about Zimbabwe.

    • Say you are right. So what? Arrest her and tie her to a chair in some opposition basement?
      Im only asking Zimbabweans to be human to another human.
      About my blog? You will find little thats my own. Its all acknowledged shared articles. Some I dont even agree with myself. You have a problem with anything on here point it out. Otherwise deal with this contempt you have of Linda and dont let it bury your reputation.
      If it turns out in the new Zim that she says she is fighting for that you were right all along, still, you lose nothing. If she is a mole, she is not the only one. You gonna go after them all? When then are you going to find time to do anything constructive towards what Zimbabweans are trying to achieve?

      • Who were you ref to when you said “none of you” in your first comment.
        You know what? So far you are only managing to sound like some agent whose assignment is “Linda”.
        Take a deep breath and chill for a mo. The picture could be much wider than it seems.
        As a guest on my blog, I politely thank you and believe I’ve indulged you enough.

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