2017 must be the year Zimbabweans refuse to be Governable

In 2016 ZPF successfully put Zimbabweans ability to unite into a permanently disabled mode. The oppostion is adamant in their refusal and or scepticism of coalitions. Social movements have had a bucket of water thrown over them by a none cooperative citizenry. A few ambers still burn bright on social media and in parts of the diaspora. But on the whole the fires of revolt seem to have been quelled and Robert Mugabe has found no reason why he cannot therefore go on holiday.

In 2017 I propose that Zimbabweans explore THE POWER OF DISUNITY. The power in fragmentation. The power in chaos. The power of refusal. 

It is called SACRIFICE. It is individuals revolting, refusing to be governable. It is the oppressed rising in their sectors of interest. Nurses rising at their clinis and hospitals. Farm workers rising at the farm. Picketting at the farm gates. Housewives rising as housewives. Churches rising as churches, not as religion or denominations. Students rising at school/college level. Forget the unions. Forget the associations. Forget opposition. ZPF killed all of these umbrella bodies. Rise up yourselves. Take your drinking mate with you to the street. Take your football team mates with you to the street. Take your Sunday school class to the streets. Invite your neighbour to a two men or two family demo. Give the regime an opportunity to show its true colours. 

Do a one man demo.

Do a hunger strike.


They have spoilt for a fight with you for years. Now, in 2017 take the fight to them. Refuse to be governable. Dont wait for community or party cohesion. Its not coming. They have taken Tsvangirai under their wing. They hurt him before now they pay his medical bills. They have sweetened the student leader’s cup of tea. They have  buttered your church leaders’ bread. Noone is there for you any more except yourself. No one is likely to be there for you either when they take you. Thats why its called SACRIFICE.  

Make 2017 the year to be brave with your anger. When you have been hurt the way you been hurt, you have a right to act stupid. To rage and arouse a storm. To lash out. TO RISE AND REFUSE TO BE GOVERNABLE.

If you are not ready for this, Zimbabwe, chances are: 

Its not going to be a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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