I wouldnt Dismiss Noah Manyika’s Build Zim Allience Just Yet

I am increasingly finding myself liking what the Build Zimbabwe Allience is doing, how it is presenting itself, the material it is churning out and the model of political decorum that it is fashioning. As someone far removed from events on the ground but with exposure to some of the neatest and most dignified campaign approaches in the world, I can safely say this Dr Noah Manyika has got something going in our country, something many never saw coming, yet something also that others wish was coming from the veteran Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC-T.

In his opening remarks to the press conference recorded below, he trumpets some serious and honest points of order to us all and to the regime in Harare. Have a listen, but if you are not patient for that, see a few quotes from the speech below the video.

In introduction he says he is “honoured to be part of Zimbabwe’s great awakening”

Indeed. Aren’t we all?

He says “none of us can insulate ourselves from our country’s brokenness”.

We are all affected one way or the other, directly or indirectly by the misrule of Robert Mugabe and the intransigencies of his party.

“The cost of our leaders preoccupation with fighting the shadows of colonialism and imaginary enemies of our sovereignty is too high to accept.”

We anly have to look around at the state of our public services and infrastructure across the country to see his point. Even ZPF itself no longer fronts the santions excuse as often and as forcefully as it used to, because even they realise that the people of Zimbabwe have indeed had an awakening and the sanctions card just does not work any more

“We delegitimise the liberation struggle when we accept the mindless nationalism that suggests that our potential should be suppressed and our promise should be suppressed, and insists that we must accept the brokenness of our nation as normal” he says.

Now I dont know how this “Allience” as he calls it is currently fitting in with the rest of the oppositional matrix on the ground but I would encourage all who are genuinely interested in a more sober approach to the construction of the alternative we all crave for Zimbabwe to not dismis this outfit lightly. At least not yet.


2 thoughts on “I wouldnt Dismiss Noah Manyika’s Build Zim Allience Just Yet

  1. i wish Zimbabwe could vote for the candidate with a plan, strategy and a mind of pure change such as DR Manyika and not vote for someone because he has the numbers already.

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