What if my government doesn’t care about the economic cost of #InternetShutdowns?

Internet shut down in Zimbabwe. She can see it coming. Do you?
I see it, and worse. Zimbabwe govt has no economy to care about. Our leaders only care about their mantions and other wealth for which internet is no necessity. So long vachikwanisa kuenda kuminda yavo yeJambaja with a braai stand and some cold bears in the whitemen’s former farmhouses, zvavo zvirikufaya.



After close to three months without Internet access, last week the Anglophone regions of Cameroon finally saw the lifting of an Internet ban that was imposed in January in response to anti-government protests in that country. It is estimated that Cameroon realised close to US $5 million in economic loses attributable to the shutdown. Cameroon is just the latest victim of what’s becoming a real scourge particularly on the African continent. We have learnt that in 2016 alone, there were at least 56 documented Internet shutdowns, and the number keeps growing.

That any government can get away with such a move amidst campaigns to #KeepItOn and #BringBackOurInternet is an indicator of how far we still have to go in terms of locating effective methodologies for stopping intentional state-sanctioned internet disruptions.

There have been various campaigns calling on governments to respect freedom of expression and leave the Internet alone. The…

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