Are Survey Results Telling You That You Have a Nostalgic Affection for Mugabe?

So, the season of surveys is upon us and some results are already coming in showing that Zimbabweans, despite their hardships under the ZPF regime, DO actually love and trust Mugabe more than they love and trust the leadership of the opposition. A lot is being written and spoken about this development on social media and out there in conversations among Zimbabweans.

Some commentators, see the screenshots above, have argued that Zimbabweans have a sort of nostalgic affection for Robert Mugabe. That they love the man and not what he represents. No doubt some people share this belief, but I dont, and below is my reason why

Growing up in the 80s and early 90s, ​I recall that it used to be convinient for many young men and women , boys and girls in want of political and cultural icons to admire, to explain away the rot in Zim by ascribing the blame away from Mugabe, the individual, and putting it squarely on the shoulders of “those around him”. That was mainly influenced by our admiration of the man’s eloquence and the way he always put the greedy white people in their place whenever and wherever he got the chance and platform to speak at world forums. Indeed we chose to believe that the country was going to the dogs because of govt officials being greedy and corrupt while running rings around the old man who we refused to accept that he knew what was going on at all.

Today, with what Zimbabweans have come to know of Mugabe personally through his choice of new wife after Sally, public utterances of the First Lady, through Mugabe’s own choices of where he spends his holiday time or seeks medical treatment, the conduct and privileges that his family flaunts daily and the stubborn determination in his stride after each of his many falls, we, Zimbabweans now know that the source of the rot of this country is without a doubt in the Head (The Dear Leader).

Speaking for myself I have zero nostalgic affection for the man. ZERO. Zilch. Hameno vamwe!

One thought on “Are Survey Results Telling You That You Have a Nostalgic Affection for Mugabe?

  1. Truly speaking the man’s character is admirable not truly because he is a great man but because of the way he is portrayed in our primary education curriculum, we were brainwashed to admire strong men not good leaders

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